Wellness and SPA area

Visiting Morocco without enjoying a hammamA scrub and a massage is a sin! Everything is in place to make the most of these treatments. A Sawadi, the body care area, has been designed to bring you maximum pleasure. The massage oil has been composed with plants from the garden (calendula, roses of Dades), with our olive oil as a support.

All products are organically grown by Sawadi. We are sure to bring you the best quality products. The scrub with black soap or salt of theAtlasThis product is made with medicinal plants and will make you feel like a baby again.


Our wellness treatments

5 treatments of your choice: 69€.

Hammam, black soap scrub, calendula macerate massage, salt and Atlas flower scrub, clay wrap, foot massage, massage and light facial scrub.

Each treatment can be taken separately.

The proposed treatments :



1 to 4 persons : 25€.


Black soap scrub

14€ (30 minutes)


Atlas salt massage scrub

19€ (40 minutes)


Facial care

21€ (30 minutes)


Massage and facials

26€ (45 minutes)


Foot and leg massage

21€ (30 minutes)


Complete massage with Calendula and Damask Roses macerate

29€ (45 minutes)

From the hammam to special treatments

The facials as well as the foot and hand massages are inspired by the best methods (Californian, Indian, Chinese…). Created for you according to the reactions of your body, our masseurs have been trained in this approach and adapt to each one. You will have unforgettable memories.

When designing the Sawadi, we wanted consistency in the facilities. Without forgetting the comfort of our guests, we have come as close as possible to life in southern Morocco. You won’t find here the marble hammam with the star lights of Marrakech. The choice was made of the traditional hamman of the wealthy families of southern Morocco. Three or four people maximum can share this moment of relaxation, a privileged moment for laughter and confidences. Aziza, Khabija, for women, Abdelila and Said for men will bring their energy for a scrub that your skin will remember. A massage with rose macerate and calendula (45 minutes) will close this moment of pleasure.

The hammam is a steam bath and high temperature (51 °), creating an environment of high humidity. You sit in this room like in a sauna (where on the contrary there is a warm but dry atmosphere). The hammam is recommended to relax and eliminate toxins. Many recognized health and wellness benefits result from this.