Activities in SAWADI

On site atEcolodge SAWADI, many activities are possible thanks to our infrastructure. From the swimming pool to the cooking classes, through the walks or camel rides, everyone will find something to do.

The pool

A solar heated, salt water and chlorine free pool.

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The playground

On a vast playground, many equipments and materials are available.

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The craft area

Pottery, weaving, jewelry

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Moroccan cooking classes

Thanks to Sawadi’s organic garden, you can learn to cook traditional dishes.

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Around SAWADI : on foot, on horseback, on donkey, on bicycle…

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From Sawadi it is possible to go hiking in the palm grove of Skoura, or to visit Sidi Flah.

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The pool

The swimming pool is of course the most popular place for everyone. The pool is salt water and chlorine free, it measures 12,50m x 6,50m. In 2016 we rebuilt it with a flat bottom, it was already 12 years old and deserved some renovations. A solar heating system (600m of well exposed black pipe) allows you to enjoy a comfortable swim from March and to seriously extend the season, more than 22° until the end of November, 26° at least from April to the end of October.

The playground

On a vast playground, numerous equipments and materials are available for sports and leisure activities: ping-pong, volleyball, petanque, badminton, basketball

The Kasbah of children

For the little ones a kasbah of the children has been moved in. For the record, we had asked Kader to build us a hut, he made a Ksar! The children very quickly appropriate this field which is reserved to them: dinette, climbing of the walls, everything is allowed.

A library gathers many books, detective stories, novels, essays, biographies and even management books remembering our past life. Books on gardens and children’s books are also present.

The craft area


The craft area is located in the playground next to the children’s kasbah. To familiarize yourself with the craft, Mohammed the potter will come and teach you how to knead and turn clay to create beautiful pots, jars, dishes or braziers.

The women of the association Tajanate are volunteers to show you the weaving techniques and share their know-how. Thus, they will accompany you to weave splendid carpets.

Said will always be there for the jewelry workshop.

Moroccan cooking classes

The introduction to Moroccan cuisine begins in Sawadi’s organic garden where you will pick the fresh and seasonal products needed to prepare the dishes. Then, you will head to the kitchen to discover the secrets of the flavors of Moroccan dishes. Accompanied by our cooks, you will learn step by step to prepare a traditional dish: tagines, couscous, pastillas, salads, soups, bread

Once the dish is finished, it’s time to taste it!

sawadi kitchen

Walks around SAWADI


Sawadi is located in the heart of the palm grove of Skoura (this is the reason why we chose this magical place).
This privileged situation facilitates the discovery of an environment surprising by the beauty of its still preserved vegetation and the extreme hospitality of the inhabitants of this oasis.
No need for “engines” to discover, the walks are done according to the case on foot, bike, horse, donkey or dromedary.


From Sawadi it is easy to organize a camel ride. More original than horses in the south of Morocco!
You can take the opportunity to visit a small part of the magnificent palm grove.
Skoura palm grove

The palm grove of Skoura

A day trip to discover the splendid palm grove of Skoura, on foot, by bicycle, by car, by mule.

Sawadi is located in the palm grove of Skoura whose area covers 50km². Its palm trees are so famous that they adorn luxurious villas in Marrakech or Rabat. This palm grove is surprising between lace of paths and tracks, in the shade of the palm trees, winding between the fields, which go from village to village.

In the shade of the palm trees grow first trees (olive trees, apple trees, fig trees, almond trees, etc.), which themselves shelter crops on the ground (vegetables, corn, wheat, fodder for animals).

Sheep, goats, cows and poultry can be found there. The whole is irrigated by a network of small canals whose residents share the water over the days. Splendid Kasbahs in pisé mark out the course, and if sometimes they are in ruin the majesty of their vestiges adds still more to the charm of this discovery.

Visit of the kasbah of Amerhidil (17th century) whose image adorns the banknotes of 50 dirhams, we will also visit that of Aït Sidi El Mathi. Lunch with picnic under the palm trees or at the inhabitant.

Hiking in SIDI FLAH

A day trip to the oasis of Sidi Flah and its village (it is necessary to count approximately 3h30 of walk in a decoration of dream)

Sidi Flah is a charming little village on the edge of the Dades wadi, isolated about fifteen kilometers from Sawadi. Departure by car in the morning from Sawadi around 9:30 am, to reach the starting point of the hike which is 9km from Skoura by the track.

The hike consists in going up the course of Dades by small paths practicable on foot or by mule to Sidi Flah. Depending on the season, it is possible to swim in the river which, in some places, forms meanders and small sandy beaches. You won’t see any big tracks or paved roads on the way, just some very small villages. The lunch is done in picnic or at the inhabitant.

For the morning approach to the starting point and the late afternoon return (25 km all inclusive), participants will use their own vehicle.

Sidi flah