Our areas

  1. The hotel area :Area where are located the various kasbahs, restaurants and lounges, the swimming pool, the hammam, the playground.
  2. Beehives: a space where vegetables, flowers and fruit trees are in profusion.
  3. The farm : hens, sheep, goats, ducks, guinea fowl, rabbits, donkeys, cows…
  4. The olive grove : a space where mainly olive trees are planted but also palm trees and fruit trees, as well as alfalfa plantations on the ground.
espace hotelier sawadi

The Hotel area

The SPA, the large panoramic terrace, the swimming pool, the playground, constitute the central square of Sawadi village. Rooms, suites and panoramic suites are distributed all around this central square. It is on the spacious and shaded terrace that you will have breakfast and lunch all year long. In winter, dinner will be served in our restaurant where a nice fire will be waiting for you.

The magnificent Moroccan lounge with its fireplace, the library and the mezzanine lounge with a panoramic view of the garden offer more intimate moments of relaxation.

This one hectare hotel space allows children to have fun without constraint, and without disturbing those who prefer the quiet. Many games as well as the children’s kasbah are at their disposal.

The hives

She has everything going for her. To make its northern neighbor, the Tell bee, “yellow” with jealousy. More resistant (it has adapted to the temperature variations of the desert), the Saharan bee is also a better forager since it can travel up to 8 km against 3 for the Tellian, but it is distinguished by its extreme gentleness which allows beekeepers to work the hives without special protection.

The Apis mellifera sahariensis is endangered, however an association of Skoura in partnership with the government and the European community has decided to reintroduce it in the palm grove. Sawadi has been chosen for an implantation of 14 hives. The association provided us with these hives in August and on September 28 we noticed that the bees were working well and flourishing in our farm. We had the pleasure of tasting the first honey harvested. We hope that this experience will continue in order to multiply the hives in the Douar (name of the village where we are located in the palm grove). The objective is to create a beekeeping activity in order to create jobs.

Our farm

What appealed to us when we first came to Sawadi was the possibility of creating a real farm. A real farm like in our dreams, with animals, we wanted them all: hens, roosters, guinea fowls, turkeys, geese, peacocks, pigeons, rabbits, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, calves. Only the pig is missing.

But our dream farm also had all the vegetables planted in pesticide and fertilizer free soil, the feed for the animals to enjoy our poultry being sure theywere not fed with unknown food.

The olive grove

The oases of the Maghreb are known for their rich biodiversity: diversity of species, since there are three levels of cultivation: date palms, fruit trees and herbaceous crops (vegetables, fodder, industrial crops), varietal diversity, especially in date palms, but also in cropping systems. Man has maintained this biodiversity through time for reasons related to his own food security, habitat, and traditions.

At Sawadi we continue this tradition: 90% of the domain is cultivated, you can observe these three stages of cultivation.

The products of the farm, and in particular the 700 liters of oil harvested, are used for the restaurant. The apricot and fig trees allow to make delicious jams as well as desserts: pies, clafoutis

Our ecolodge Sawadi offers :

22 rooms

Our place consists of 22 rooms that can accommodate 1 to 3 people.



We offer all types of menus: vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free...


Come and discover the treasures close to SAWADI (desert, valleys, film studio).

Wellness area

At Sawadi, the treatment area was designed to provide a moment of relaxation.