Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco


massage 004 001Visiting Morocco without enjoying a hammam, a skin exfoliation or a massage is a sin ! Everything is reunited to make the most of these cares. At Sawadi, the SPA was created to bring you the best. The massage oil has been developed with plants of the garden (calendula, roses from the Dades valley) and our olive oil. All of the products come from the organic agriculture of Sawadi, so we are assured to provide the best quality. The black oap or Atlas salt skin exfoliation, with medicinal plants will get your baby skin back.

Treatments :

Hammam (1 to 4 persons) : 20€ 
Black soap skin exfoliation : 12€ (30 minutes)

 Atlas salt sin exfoliation and massage : 17€ (40 minutes)

Facial treatments : 15€ (30 minutes)
Facial massage and treatments : 21€ (45 minutes)
Feet and legs massage : 17€ (30 minutes)
Body massage with calendula and roses from Damas : 23€ (45 minutes)


Facial treatments as well as feet and hands massage are inspired from the best methods (californian, indian, chinese...). Created for you according to your body, our masseurs were trained and adapt themselves to you. We will keep unforgettable memories from those treatments.

When we created Sawadi, we wanted a coherence between our facilities. Without neglecting our hosts comfort, we get close to the South Morocco lifestyle. Here, you won't find the marble hammam with stars lightings from Marrakech. We chose to build a traditionnal hammam like the one of the wealthy South Moroccan people. Three to four persons maximum can share this relaxation time. Aziza and Khabija for the women, Abdelila and Said for the men will bring their energy for a skin exfoliation your skin will remember. A roses and calendula massage will end this lovely moment.

The hammam is a steam bath with high temperature (51°), creating a humid environnment. We sit on that room like in a sauna (where unlikely, the amosphere is hot and dry). Hammam is recommended to relax and get rid of toxins. Many known health and well-being benefits are due to the hammmam.

Home-made products

Our farm give us the occasion to produce great products, first of all for our meals preparation with vegetables and fruits but also for the jams : apricots, figs, plums...Pomegranate...