Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Home-made products

Our farm give us the occasion to produce great products, first of all for our meals preparation with vegetables and fruits but also for the jams : apricots, figs, plums...Pomegranate juice are unrivalled. Harvested by hand one by one like Bordeaux grand cru, our olives offer an oil without any fertiliser nor pesticide. Squeezed on the harvested day, its light acidity rate give it an incredible quality. It is 30 times richer in polyphenols than the olive oil you find in Europe (cf Professor Joyeux conference).

Calendula oil and roses water you find in your bathroom are producted on the spot. You will be able to participate to the flowers picking and the products manufacture if you are here at the right time !


Visiting Morocco without enjoying a hammam, a skin exfoliation or a massage is a sin ! Everything is reunited to make the most of these cares. At Sawadi, the SPA...