Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Valley of the Almond Trees

It is essential to use a 4WD (4X4) vehicle for this one-day trip.


The Valley of the Almond Trees starts a few km at the North of Sawadi, in the little town of Toundoute. We follow a paves road or a track if you prefer to. Then, we take a moutain track for 30km to go up the Amezri village, at around 2,300m high. From this village, we hike to appreciate the harsh beauty of this small and perfumed paradise.

When the almond trees are in full bloom, between end of February and early March, it would be unforgivable not to visit this valley but the trip can be made all year round, except when it rains or snows. Lunch is organized as a picnic or at a local inhabitant home.

For 2 to 4 people : 39€. Additionnal person : 9€. The price corresponds to our guide accompany.

(If you want to, we can take care of your vehicle reservation).