Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Skoura palm grove

A one-day excursion to discover the splendid Skoura palm grove on foot, on bycicle or on muleback.


Sawadi is located in Skoura palm grove which area is 50km². Its palm trees are so renowned that they decorate luxurious villas in Marrakech or Rabat. This palm grove is surprising with lots of tracks and paths in the palm trees shade, through the fields that go from village to village. In the palm trees shade firstly grow trees (olive, apple, fig, almond trees...) that themselves shelter ground cultivations (vegetables, corn, wheat, animals fodder). 

On the way, you may also come across sheeps, goats, cows and poultries. Everything is irrigated with little canals network and locals share the water day by day. Splendid kasbahs punctuate the way and even if they fall into ruin, their vestiges ùajesty makes it even more charming. 

Visit of the Amerhidil kasbah (17th century) whose image is on the 50 dirhams bills as well as the Aït Sidi El Mathi kasbah. Lunch is picnic under the palm trees or at a local house.