Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Excursion to Sidi Flah

One-day excursion at Sidi Flah (around 3h30 of walking in a dreamed setting)

Sidi Flah is a charming little village next to the Dadès wadi, at 15km from Sawadi. Departure by car from Sawadi in the morning around 9:30am, to reach the hike starting point which is 9km away from Skoura.

Hike involves going up the Dadès wadi by little paths on foot or on muleback until Sidi Flah. According to the season, it is possible to bath in the river which constitutes meanders and little sand beaches at some point. You won't see any large track nor paved road, only few small villages. Lunch is a picnic or at a local inhabitants home.

From Sawadi to the hike starting point in the morning and the come back in the afternoon, clients will use their vehicle.