Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Meetings and events

salle de séminaire 2

A specially equipped room can hosts groups wishing to stay several working days. Built in the middle of the olive grove, it is isolated from the rest of the field to facilitate the participants focus.

Video equipment, tables and chairs are available for the participants. A small kitchen dedicated to this room provides access to refreshments, hot drinks and snacks on demand. This room has two large terraces, one above the building with a wonderful view of the palm grove and the Atlas, another at the room level at the heart of the olive grove.

This room is particularly appreciated by management committees, groups of personnal development, but also family celebrations. In these cases, Sawadi can be exclusively booked for these events, even if the group is less than the capacity of the domain.

This multi-purpose room hosts 25 to 30 people, it has a size of 6m by 8m. We can also provide other rooms for subcommissions.

Small excursions in the palm grove are proposed in order to alternate sessions and relaxation. Rates are reviewed on a case by case basis. Besides the provision of facilities, they include accomodation, meals, coffee breaks, refreshments, and other special services. The exclusive domain of Sawadi may be granted if the company wants to.