Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

The kitchen

Organisation and fitting

A particular attention was brought to hygiene. Design and operation are incorporated within the framework of the HACCP international standard requirements. Every behaviours, layouts and equipments implemented aim for preventing potential bacteriological infections. There are three different areas in the kitchen : one for the preparation, one for the sink, one for breads and cakes. These 60m² guarantee taste and sanitary quality as well as comfort for the staff.

Products of the garden

Food preparation is in coherence with Sawadi’s  « natural » ideal. Fresh and cooked products consumed by our guests at Sawadi come from our own farm (meat and vegetables). When...

Around the restaurant

We are very pleased to prepare and serve traditional Moroccan food at Sawadi. At our restaurant, guests may not only enjoy their meals but they have an opportunity to discover...