Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Ouarzazate : cinéma studios

Since the 1960s, Ouarzazate is valued by filmmakers. Landscapes and ethnic diversity, outstanding light, an available local workforce, all these elements make Ouarzazate one of the most desired Moroccan place for film directors.

Foreign productions shooting annually generate more than 100 millions of dollars of revenue and create thousands of jobs.

More than 90 thousand people (craftspersons, extras, technicians, hoteliers, shopkeepers) live thanks to this.

Three shooting studios are set up around Ouarzazate :

Atlas Studios :
  • It was created in 1983, and set up 3km away from the city entrance. Surrounded by Pharaons, it offers a majestic and spectacular spectacle. You can visit the Atlas studios when there is no shooting (the entrance fee is 30 dirhams), the set really worth it. Visit carries us from Gladiator to Astérix & Obélix sets. You will also find symbolic objects from movies shot on the spot. 

  • Kanzaman Studios :
  • The area, in the form of three Kasbah, is 60Ha, surrounded by thousands of olive and palm trees. Since 2004, it houses the Specialized Institute in Cinéma Professions (about sixty students).

  • CLA Studios
  • On a 160Ha area, around forty people already work there. This project will contribute to pomote Ouarzazate but also Morocco image as well as its civilisation across the world. The project developer is Dino De Lorentis.

  • Movies partially or completely shot in Ouarzazate (movies are in chronological order, the years are the release date) :