Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourisme is a tourism that participates in the development of the population and host territories in the North and the South while contributing to majors 21th century issues : fight against climatic changes, protect biodiversity and fragile environments and fight against human rights violations. These are our believes.

We believe that we must start by setting an example, here are some actions already set up :

  1. Contribute to local economic development by giving work to local artisans and merchants and by creating jobs in Sawadi. For the construction, restoration and maintenance of buildings and facilities of Sawadi we call on professionals located in Skoura. Sawadi employees are from the palm grove.
  2. We are gradually putting in place devices to use renewable energy such as solar water heater.
  3. Waste sorting was introduced. There are lots of recycling in Morocco, it takes a bit of attention, but much of what we throw in Europe, finds a second life here.
  4. Installing of solar panels for the staff kitchen and sanitary. We check that these energy savings are more environmentally efficient than natural gas. Knowing that in the balance sheet, we must integrate the manufacturing and installation of solar panels.
  5. No tractor or tiller, which allows us to avoid noise pollution and exhaust gas. There are lots of Skoura's men and women looking for a job, it is better to employ more people.
  6. No 4x4 or pick-up for the daily drives to Sawadi, which would lead to a high consumption of fuel and a risk of dust on the track where Skoura's people move on foot, bike, or donkey.
  7. No pesticides or fertilizers for cultivations. Menus are tailored to seasonal vegetables and fruits from the garden. As a consequence, we offer vegetables picked the same day, rich in vitamins, riped on the spot, that are succulent.
  8. Instead of corn, cutivation of the sorghum, which requires much less water.
  9. All our actions are well thought out in order not to offend and to understand our Skoura's friends. 
  10. We try to learn the Arabic dialect.

For some, sustainable tourism has become a marketing argument, their actions serve only to attract clients. For those who are sensitive to these values, feel free to ask questions about the concrete actions we put in place.

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