Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco
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The olive grove

In the Maghreb, the oasis are known for their biodiversity wealth : species diversity since we find 3 types of cultivation : date palms, fruits trees and herbaceous farming (vegetables, fodder, industrial cultivations) ; varietal diversity, especially with the date palm ;  cultivation systems diversity. 

Mankind has been able to maintain this biodiversity accross the ages for his own eating security, his accomodation and his traditions.

At Sawadi, we perpetuate this tradition : 90% of the domain is cultivated, which allows you to observe those 3 types of cultivation.

Farm products, and particularly the 700 litres of harvested olive oil, are used in the restaurant. We produce succulent jams as well as desserts (tarts, clafoutis...) thansk to the apricot and fig trees.

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Pendant quelques jours Ouarzazate rassemble les congressistes du Fits. Le Fits : tourisme solidaire ! Nous sommes les témoins de la dégradation des oasis, nous attendons avec impatience le s plas d'ac...

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Arrivée à Ouarzazate : facile !

Depuis le 1 avril Ryan air a ouvert une ligne Bordeaux Ouarzazate et une autre Marseille Ouarzazate. Cela nous a changé la vie ! Partir a 6h30 et être  à 8h30 à Sawadi pour le petit dejeuner quel...

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This year we welcomed a family of 43 people : a record ! Every year, we host families in Sawadi. Usually on the grand-parents' initiative, those few days are a chance to be together, from babies to g...

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