Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

The four seasons in Sawadi


Wether it be spring, summer, fall or winter, each season allows you to enjoy your stay at Sawadi...


Going in the south of Morroco in winter, means storing sun and energy to spend the bad season with no problem at all. Because we are in the Atlas moutain, the temperature get cold as soon as the sun goes down (between 5° and 10°). However, from nine in the morning the sun allows us to have breakfast and lunch outside on the terrace between 18° and 22°, near the swimming pool. After the jogging, in the palm grove, or towards the Atlas, some brave ones will have an invigorating bath.

Spring and Autumn

These are ideal seasons to visit the South of Morroco, the climate is perfect, temperature is between 22° and 32°, the water of the swimming pool is very enjoyable. It equals the climate of Europe during summer. Moreover, if you come out of school holidays, you will take advantage of cities and airports tranquility as well as plane tickets at unbeatable prices.


Summer here is not what we imagine. The palm grove of Skoura is 1300m high and as soon as the sun goes down, the starry firmament cool us off quickly. Likewise, in the morning, the night coolness allows us to have lunch on the terrace with a temperature of 25°.

Between 11am and 4pm, the expected heat comes : read on a deckchair sheltered from olive or palm trees will make you appreciate your stay. The dry heat of South of Morocco is very pleasant, nothing to do with the climate of New York or Tokyo where in summer, humidity makes every steps trying.

Trips by car are air-conditioned and walks on the mountains are a real happiness.

Gievn that everybody thinks that it is really hot, there are few tourists in the South of Morocco. You will be surprised to see Berber dressed with an anorak and a ski cap in the middle of August.

Sawadi Village

The SPA, the big panoramic terrace, the swimming pool, the playground form Sawadi's village main square. Rooms, suites and panoramic suites are allocated around this central square. (see the domain...

The beehives

L'apis mellifera sahariensis This bee is different from its north neighbour, the Tell bee. This one is tougher (it is adapted to the desert temperature contrast), it is a better...

The farm

What we love about our first time in Sawadi was the chance of creating a real farm. A farm like the one we had dreamed about, with lots of animals...

The olive grove

In the Maghreb, the oasis are known for their biodiversity wealth : species diversity since we find 3 types of cultivation : date palms, fruits trees and herbaceous farming (vegetables...

Our house

Since 2011, we have a house. For 5 years, we lived 8m from the office, in a small 2 rooms appartment. We have equipped the house simply in the middle...