Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Let's save the Sahara yellow bee

Sponsorship has began !

During a sunny day of May, Mohammed, Kamal and their friends from the Albisher association came to Sawadi.It was the beginning of a great adventure : "Save the yellow bee". But how can we save it ?

We had spotted this bee as soon as we settled but after an unsuccessful try, we were desperately looking for it. Thanks to the Albisher association, we could actively be a part of its revival.

Various actions were set up but as in every projects, we needed financings. There were many people ready to save the bees but we needed to go fast : we started with a meeting and an actions plan.

Beehives sponsorchip surely is the fastest way to gain our first financing.

Since November 2013, beehives are sponsored by : Frédérique Etcheverry, Marie-Joelle Courselle, Sophie et Sandra Quenisset, Maud et Eric Ferrer Mora Agata Sapetto, Christian Cabri, Nicole et Gerard Le Provost, Bernard Ferrer Mora, Jean Michel Quenisset, Anne Bedou, Denis Woltz, Gilles Berl, Laurent Berl, Françoise Chamard...

Sponsorship involves buying a beehive that will be set up in a family of the palm grove. This family will take care of it, watch it, maintain it. It will be a way to raise awareness among environment protection.

The association handles the women training : honey will be their first income.

We all know bees benefits but they are essential in Skoura : pollination is vital in this agricultural region for inhabitants, animals and biodiversity survival.

Economic repercussions are also expected, hoping to create jobs and make the youngs remain in Skoura. Sometimes, it is just aboute sow a seed...

We hope the sponsors will multiply so that we will be able to create the laboratory, the school apiary and training actions.

Actions plan is on.

Latest actions :

Training took place at Sawadi in our meeting room : 40 persons came during one week to follow classes on how to maintain a beehive.


This a particularly difficult job in this dryness period : it has not rain since November and there is not many flowers so not many pollen and food for our bees. This training was realized thanks to Jane Bayley, Naturaly Morocco and Sawadi financings.

Albisher association met the Ouarzazate agricultural agency which will fund equipments for the school apiary and for premises acquisition.

Of course, we also need to find financings to equip the honey house and the laboratory.