Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

A bicycle for school

In Morocco, palm grove where families live are usually vast. Primary schools are distributed in the douars (the villages inside the palm grove).

The high school located in the middle of the little city is only reachable for those who have a bicycle. Families rarely have the money to buy a bicycle to every children and, like in lots of societies, boys studies are privileged. Sometimes, unofrtunately, the kid (often a girl) without a bycicle is school deprived. There is no school transport in the palm grove.

As part of the association "Sawadi welcome to Skoura" whose mission is to work towards sustainable development and eco tourism, APM and Rotary Club from Pessac-les-Graves (France) associations members gave 25 bicycles to young girls chosen by their teachers. We make sure that the bicycle is well used for the girls to go to school.

We want to thank the APM and the Rotary Club associations for their gifts.