Sawadi, charming ecolodge in southern Morocco

Azziza, Kebira et Abdilah vous propose la recette des crêpes de Sawadi. Elles sont toutes chaudes, accompagnées de confiture de figues et d'abricots. Bon appétit....
Pour les goûter sur place, en juillet août septembre, 5 jours à sawadi en pension compléte déjeuner à Sawadi ou panier repas pour 275 euros par personne en chambre double ! Qui dit mieux ? Vous réservez directement sur notre site un petit cadeau vous sera offert.

Dinosaur footprint close to Sawadi

 A beautiful documentary, better than Jurassic Park, a true story. You have to see it before coming to south Morocco if you are interested in paleontology.

New job for Kader !

At Sawadi, we cultivate skilfulness, but for almost 11 years we couldn't make KAder try the cooking. This year, he went for it, assisting Abdelillah for cooking the "dune blanche". We think that the cooking apron suits him well ! Kader en cuisine


This year we welcomed a family of 43 people : a record !

Every year, we host families in Sawadi. Usually on the grand-parents' initiative, those few days are a chance to be together, from babies to great-grandparents. 

A dynamic 80 years-old grand-mother bring her tribe to Sawadi. With her 6 children, their spouses, their children and grand-children : guitar, spectacle, birthday : Sawadi became a joyful and festive place ! 

Thank you for this great sharing moment !

Below is a picture from the movie "Family spirit" with Diane Keaton, I love it !

lesprit de famille

A little jenny at Sawadi

enfant ane

We have already had Toyota, our loyal donkey, in Sawadi for 13 years. To take the children around, he is not very soft, he is more efficient at working the soil. We decided to buy a nice little jenny. We called her Bzarra. No sooner has she arrived, Sophia and Hannah had already socialised. It does not ruin her appetite.